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If you're curious or have urgent questions, feel free to e-mail me at dtadeuszow@gmail.com, or phone me at (250) 809-9803.

In the meantime, if you have a spare evening, I'd strongly recommend reading "In the Beginning was the Command Line", an essay on computer history by Neal Stephenson. All the advanced software we have today are still running atop paradigms set in stone a half-century ago. The complexities of modern computers can be understood easily when you know the history behind them. The link above is an online copy I'm hosting, but you can also download a copy from Neal himself here.

I look forward to providing many tutorials, and links to useful materials on the Internet. Cataloguing what I've already found is an enormous task. I believe anyone can learn anything, and I'd like to help facilitate that. Stanford University and MIT both offer free online courses, and there's Khan Academy to fill in anything you forgot or didn't understand during your K-12 schooling. Project Gutenberg, The Internet Archive and Google Books offer scanned copies of historical texts.

You really can learn anything. What should you learn first?

(Don't think too hard about it)

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